The Body Shop wants to be 100% vegan by 2023

British cosmetics chain The Body Shop aims to have all its products certified by The Vegan Society by the end of 2023. Today, around 60 % of the retailer's products are already vegan.


Checking all ingredients

The certification process involves contacting and auditing every supplier and manufacturer of raw materials, Retail Insight Network writes. In total, this concerns about 3,700 different materials. Global brand director Lionel Thoreau called the decision to go 100 % vegan "a natural next step for The Body Shop", which fits in the company's sustainability and environmental goals.


In the same context, the retailer wants to install refill stations in 500 stores this year, and next year in another 300 points of sale. "We want refills to become mainstream – easy and accessible for everyone. This is just our first step in a five-year plan to roll out refill stations around the globe", Thoreau said.