Beter Bed expands its French operations

Beter Bed expands its French operations

Bed seller Beter Bed will expand its French pilot program into the Paris region. The Uden-based company already opened 2 French stores last year, in Bordeaux and Lyon, but thanks to their success, it is now expanding its local operations.

"Success in multiple regions"

"We are satisfied with how our French pilot program is going and that is why we want to expand. Our primary focus will be Paris and the Paris area", CFO Bart Koops told ABM Financial News. "France is a large and diverse country, so we want to see how successful we can be in multiple regions."


Beter Bed wants to open another three of its Literie Concorde stores in France, with another 5 to 10 next year. "Just like in other countries, we will manage these stores ourselves, but we will rent the location", Koops said.


Beter Bed currently has 1,151 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain, spread over 5 chains.