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The Future Of Shopping wins Management Book of the Year award

RetailDetail can proudly announce that “The Future of Shopping: Waar iedereen retailer is” (The Future of Shopping: where everyone is a retailer), written by Pauline Neerman and Jorg Snoeck, is 2018’s management book of the year.

Stop overregulation blocking retailers delivering value for consumers

(content provided by EuroCommerce) In an initial response to the Commission Communication: A European retail sector fit for the 21st century, published today, EuroCommerce approves of the Commission's stance against overregulation.

100 million Prime subscribers for Amazon

Ecommerce giant Amazon surpassed the 100 million Prime subscriber mark, just one of the many milestones CEO Jeff Bezos mentioned in his annual shareholder briefing.

Distributors and transport industry demand cleaner trucks

35 companies, including Colruyt, Carrefour and Ikea have asked Europe to force truck manufacturers to lower their emissions 25 % by 2025. “Totally unrealistic”, the manufacturers’ spokesperson said. to launch 1,000 stores per day has announced plans to open some 1,000 convenience stores per day across China. With this impressive target, the country’s second-largest e-commerce company is giving speed to its ambitions of expanding into the offline market.

Hans Anders surpasses 200 million euro turnover mark

Dutch optician chain Hans Anders’ turnover grew 6 % last year, to 203.7 million euro, but it also announced it would divest from the French market.

Tumultuous general assembly for Ahold Delhaize

Ahold Delhaize CEO Dick Boer’s final general assembly was rather tumultuous, because of the “protection wall” that should guard the supermarket giant from hostile takeovers.

Record turnover and quarterly profit in 2017 for Hema

After years of losses, Hema now experienced its second profitable quarter in a row. The department store chain is also happy with its annual turnover: it published a 1,235.5 million euro record turnover, a 3.5 % increase.

Will Hema struggle to get sold?

Dutch department store chain Hema, on sale since September, is not attracting much attention, because interested parties feel it is overpriced. Previous attempts to sell the company have also failed. 

Casino and Auchan partner up to negociate better pricing

French Casino Guichard and Auchan Retail are considering an alliance to help both retail chains negotiate better prices with major consumer-goods makers and thus withstand competition from international players on the French supermarket sector.

Walmart wants to use drones in stores

Walmart has filed a patent to get drones to fly in stores. The American retail giant wants drones to help customers in its stores: shoppers can ask them for directions or to get something checked in the shelves.

Carrefour launches its own mobile payment solution

French retail group Carrefour is launching a mobile payment app which will allow for easy in-store payment. Carrefour Pay, which will be linked to all bank cards by the end of 2018, is available in all stores using contactless NFC technology.

Discover the newest retail trends in Antwerp


How do you stay relevant as a retailer during the retail revolution? Book our Trend Tour Antwerp and discover a dozen innovative concept stores right in the heart of a leading shopping city.

Keymusic opens first French store

Belgian music store chain Keymusic will go to France, with a first store in Valenciennes across the French border. Previously, the chain also entered the Dutch market.

CEO Peter Somers wants to take RetailDetail to the next level

RetailDetail has a new CEO: e-commerce entrepreneur and former bpost board member Peter Somers has major growth ambitions for the company.

"Protectionism makes everyone poorer" (Christian Verschueren, EuroCommerce)

Trade wars and discrimination within the single market create growing pressures on retailers in Europe. EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren is concerned, but looks forward confidently to the future.

Belgian online turnover surpasses 10 billion euro

Online commerce is becoming increasingly popular, in Belgium as well. Online turnover in the country rose to 10.05 billion euro last year, reaching the ten billion milestone for the first time. However, there is still a lot of growth potential online.

Claire’s files for bankruptcy

American chain Claire’s has now officially filed for bankruptcy, although it only relates to the company’s American division.

Amazon looks for additional cuts with manufacturers

Amazon wants to cut costs and that is why it will charge manufacturers with logistical fees more quickly. Up until now, the American online retailer often took it upon itself, but that move no longer seems profitable.