JD.com is looking at Europe

JD.com is looking at Europe

Chinese JD.Com has plans to conquer Europe soon, which would make it a serious competitor for Amazon. The web shop’s first European market will most likely be France.


Sell more French and British products

First up is France and then the United Kingdom and Germany, which also happen to be Europe’s three largest markets. That is what CEO Richard Liu told the Financial Times. His company will invest at least one billion euro in the next two years to construct a new logistic network in France. Previously, the Chinese company signed a deal with interest group Business France in order to sell more French products in China.


Aside from its French investments, it will also open a new research facility in Cambridge (United Kingdom), where it will focus on big data and artificial intelligence. Similar to France, it just signed a deal with the United Kingdom to sell more British products in China. Within the next three years, that should generate more than 10 billion pounds (11.3 billion euro) of British items sold.


To the United States as well

Compared to Amazon and Alibaba, JD.Com is different because it fully controls its own logistic network, which is allegedly the reason for its speedy shipments. It is considering collaboration to fulfill its last mile deliveries in Europe however.


The Chinese company, partially owned by American chain Walmart, seeks to launch in the United States before the end of the year as well.