Ikea launches store on Amazon

Ikea launches store on Amazon

Only a week after Ikea’s announcement about third party sales, the Swedish furniture store chain reveals its own store on Amazon, filled with an extensive product range.

Smaller items

In its first communication about third party sales, it spoke about 2018 as the year it wanted to launch such initiatives, but it seems things have gone much faster. Its Amazon store has a lot of items for sale, mainly smaller ones. The larger pieces of furniture are not yet available, but those fans who want the chain’s Swedish meatballs, can also get those at Amazon.


Shipping to Belgium

Belgian customers can also buy things online, because a large portion of Ikea’s online items will also ship to Belgium. The Swedish company currently does not have a Belgian web shop and customers cannot get orders home delivered unlike in the Netherlands. Thanks to this Amazon collaboration, Belgian customers can finally do this, but larger furniture pieces will still need to be picked up at Ikea stores.


About a week ago, Ikea said it would run its first third party sales tests in 2018 and it refused to name any possible collaborations. The deal with Amazon is a huge stride forward for a company that only recently picked up the pace of its online activities and this should help it grow much faster over the next few years.