Veepee gives products with damaged packaging a second chance


Veepee has launched "The Survivors" on its Dutch platform: under this name, the flash sales specialist sells products that are still in perfect condition but with damaged packaging.



Given the great success of the first sale, Veepee wants to organize 'The Survivors' sale several times a year. The concept fits perfectly within the company's sustainability ambitions and the consumers' expectations, says Tobias Tousseyn of Veepee Benelux.


"The interest was exceptionally high. Not only because people can save up to 75 per cent on items in our The Survivors sale, but also because giving a second chance to undamaged products leads to increased sustainability. This is becoming more important for consumers and e-commerce players," says Tousseyn. The contents of all items offered in this way first go through a thorough quality check.


The company's philosophy

From the start, sustainability has been very important in Veepee's philosophy, according to the flash vendor. For instance, the company has always opposed the 'free policy' in the e-commerce sector and has consistently been charging shipping and return fees. Returned items are also never destroyed.


During the first The Survivors, the company sold furniture, decorative items and household appliances. In the future, the retailer also wants to offer shoes through this new concept.