Netflix to sell merchandise at Walmart


It is a collaboration between two powerhouses: streaming service Netflix is going to sell merchandise from various popular TV series through the world's largest retailer, Walmart. Is it a coincidence that the announcement comes at a time when Netflix is enjoying massive success with its hit series Squid Game?


Exclusive platform

The American supermarket chain has just announced it is opening a dedicated platform to sell products from Netflix's biggest original shows, Charged Retail writes. It includes top sellers such as Squid Game, Stranger Things and The Witcher.


Walmart plans to shortly equip the new online store with a "Netflix Fan Select" feature, a tool that allows fans to vote on the products they would like to see in the range.


Physical store in Japan

This collaboration is not Netflix's first venture into the retail world: in June this year, the streaming service already launched its own webshop. A month later, the company announced it would open its first physical store in Japan in 2022.


The partnership is the largest deal Netflix has ever made with an American retailer. The website attracts no fewer than 125 million visitors monthly.