Monoprix bans paper flyer

French supermarket chain Monoprix announces that from now on its paper flyers belong to the past. The retailer wants to reduce its ecological footprint and therefore focuses on digital communication.


2400 tons of paper

Every year, retail chains in France distribute more than 20 billion paper catalogues, brochures and advertising leaflets, the company says in a press release. This year there will be at least 30 million fewer, as Monoprix is ​​completely changing its communication strategy. The chain of city centre supermarkets wants to use more environmentally friendly means and thus saves 2400 tons of paper.


The retailer wants to help forest conservation, reduce of water consumption, and lower transport impact and CO2 emissions. The ecological impact of a digital folder would be fourteen times lower than that of paper, according to a study by Human & Green Consultants. Moreover, digital communication allows to offer the right product to the right person at the right time. The brochure offers are accessible via the mobile application Monoprix & moi, but also via specialized websites and partner applications.


Monoprix is ​​a subsidiary of the Casino group with more than 800 shops in more than 250 city centres, under the brands Monoprix, monop 'and Naturalia. The chain realized a turnover of 5 billion euros in 2018.