LVMH refuses to sell on "terrorist" Amazon

LVMH refuses to sell on "terrorist" Amazon

Bernard Arnault says he will continue to refuse selling his fashion house LVMH's products on Amazon. The CEO says platforms like Amazon enable the sale of fake products, and goes on to say that this way, they indirectly support organised crime and even terrorism.


Fake products

LVMH has no intention whatsoever to sell its luxury products through Amazon, despite the rumours about this subject after the e-commerce platform was shown to have plans for a separate section for luxury fashion.


Arnault is very critical of Amazon's business model: is zeer kritisch als het gaat over het verkoopmodel van Amazon: "They use their database to connect customers to sellers and they take a percentage, which leads them…to sell counterfeit products and therefore in a certain way to be linked to organized crime, because the sites that sell counterfeit products are financed by organized crime or even by terrorism", as the Robb Report quotes the CEO.


Still, the rest of the world seems to disagree with Arnault: precisely this morning, Amazon released financial results that were a lot higher than expected.