Google launches personalised department store

Google is fast becoming an online department store: in the United States, the company has launched the newest version of Google Shopping, including direct checkout and strong personalisation.


Inspired by your online behaviour

American surfers can do their shopping without ever leaving Google: after a year of testing, the search engine has rolled out an updated version of Google Shopping. From now on, shoppers can access a fully personalised shopping centre, including videos and reviews - just like the experience Amazon offers.


When you log on with your Google account, you will see an overview of categories, but there are also boxes that show recommended products, entitled "Picks for you" and "Inspired by your Google activity". Nearby brick-and-mortar stores are also shown, sometimes including the possibility to browse through their stock.


Buying at Google

Looking for products has also been strongly personalised: the results are sorted and can be filtered by price, brand or "deals". The Google Shopping page even comes with its own shopping cart, allowing visitors to bundle their purchases before checking out. Items carrying the "Buy with Google" label can be purchased directly from the search engine, which also guarantees returns and customer service. Delivery through Google Express is also coming up, according to the blog 9to5Google. 


The new Google Shopping will become available in other regions this year. This version has already been tested in India and France. The Benelux is sure to follow down the line.