France closes large shopping centres due to Covid

By the French Government's order, around 400 large shopping centres and stores have been closed down as of today. Prime Minister Jean Castex hopes this will curb the further spread of the Covid-19 virus.


Almost all Ikea stores closed

Initially, only the non-food shopping centres over 20,000 sq. metres would have to close their doors, but after consultation with the industry, the government specified that approximately 400 stores in France had to close. Not only shopping centres, as was initially announced but also sites occupied by a single store.


The clarification has severe consequences for IKEA, for example. The furniture giant has in the meantime closed 32 of its 34 branches in France. Only the outlets in Vélizy and Nice will remain open.


It is unclear how long the large branches will have to remain closed, writes French news channel LSA. On Friday, the French Prime Minister announced a whole series of measures to fight against the coronavirus. Among other things, there will be stricter controls on the curfew and an almost complete ban on travel to countries outside the European Union. The government also wants as many citizens as possible to work from home.