EasyToys owner wants to penetrate the whole of Europe


EDC Retail, owner of erotica webshops Pabo and EasyToys, will receive a financial injection. The company wants to use the funds to grow into a global player and also announces a merger with Eropartner Distribution.


"Every European their sex toy"

According to founder and owner Eric Idema, thanks to the new capital, the company can grow significantly and become a global player within a few years. "The aim is to ensure that every European has a sex toy in their bedside table. In addition, as a sexual wellness specialist, we also have an educational role to help people enjoy love and eroticism more." The investment company has not been disclosed. No details are known about the size of the investment either.

In addition to the growth money, EDC also announced the merger with Eropartner Distribution, a Dutch wholesaler of erotic toys. "The financial injection for us and for Eropartner, a very professional party, is a nice first step. It also allows us to further expand our e-commerce platforms. This will also enable us to supplement our range with new products and vice versa. And we are combining our knowledge. In this way, we can complement and strengthen each other.” In their own words, EDC Retail and Eropartner are together a top three player in Europe.

EDC Retail was founded in 2007 and took over the German erotic group Beate Uhse, known from Pabo and other brands, in mid-2019. EDC Retail has about 200 employees. In 2020, a turnover of around 65 million euros was realised: the corona crisis led to an increase in sales.