Cyber Monday outperforms Black Friday

Cyber Monday outperforms Black Friday

According to initial estimates, American consumers have spent around 9.4 billion dollars (8.5 billion euros) on online purchases on Cyber Monday. That day has now broken the Black Friday record and becomes be the second biggest bargain day of the year.


Continued growth

Adobe analysts estimated that in the United States by 9 am, 473 million dollars (430 million euros) was already spent online. Through Adobe Analytics, the software giant has insight into the sales figures of about 80 % of the largest U.S. retailers. Especially video games, televisions, and computers sold well, TechCrunch reports.


A total of 9.4 billion dollars was spent online, which means that Cyber Monday is doing much better than the 7.4 billion dollars (6.7 billion euros) of Black Friday. Compared to a year ago, Cyber Monday yielded almost 19 % more in purchases. Still, the total proceeds are nothing compared to the Chinese Singles' Day, which generated 35 billion euros for Alibaba alone this year - more than twice as much as Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the entire US added together.



Belgium has also broken a record in the past few days, local news medium VRT reports. Payment specialist Worldline has recorded 10,432,103 transactions last Friday. The old record was set on 22 December last year, when 10,061,396 transactions took place.