CEO Peter Somers wants to take RetailDetail to the next level

CEO Peter Somers wants to take RetailDetail to the next level
Peter Somers

RetailDetail has a new CEO: e-commerce entrepreneur and former bpost board member Peter Somers has major growth ambitions for the company.


Valuable community

“Founder Jorg Snoeck approached me last year to advise the company and after an internal change of direction, he subsequently asked me to lead the company. The new approach will give Jorg the freedom to fully revel in his role as retail expert, the face of the company, creative brain, inspirational figure and networker… all the things he likes to do more than manage.”


Somers will lead the organization and will decide the strategy. The CEO sees plenty of growth potential, because RetailDetail has access to a valuable community: 158,000 monthly website visitors, 50,000 newsletter subscribers, 5,000 annual Home of Retail visits, 3,000 congress attendees, … “We will further activate that unique network. I always believe things can improve and we can bring this story to a higher level, also when it comes to profitability.”


Relevant source of information

In the past few months, a lot of work went into the growth strategy and the company also hired a few new faces. Somers wants to clarify some of the strategy’s pillars: RetailDetail aims to maintain its position as online retail news market leader and it also wants to focus on illustrious events. “We have to make sure that we are the most relevant source of information for the retail world, both online and offline. We are going to build a congress machine. First up is a new food congress on 12 June, but we will also launch smaller initiatives to provide suppliers and retailers with the right type of information to face their challenges.”


RetailDetail also wants to inspire retail managers with carefully planned trend trips to leading shopping cities. “We will head to Bologna and China with our RetailDetail Hunt this year. We will also turn things around and bring foreign entrepreneurs to Europe soon.”


“Our retail innovation platform Home of Retail, which opened last year and has 1,250 sqm of novelties, innovations, applications and customer journey, will soon transform into the RetailDetail Home. We will upgrade the inspiration tours, improve our business and solution partners’ visibility, considerably boost our visitor numbers and present relevant keynotes and workshops. We have a unique platform in the Benelux and it should remain that way.”


Strong corporate DNA

Why would an experienced manager take up the challenge to lead a relatively small enterprise like RetailDetail? “I have always found it to be a very pleasant company, with a good reputation. Bpost was the main sponsor for every RetailDetail event in the past three years, while I was there. That is how I came to appreciate the company’s value and Jorg’s network. On top of our contractual agreements, he always personally helped me get in touch with interesting industry CEOs. You do not see that type of engagement everywhere.”


RetailDetail is not a full-time occupation for the new CEO, more like three-fifth. “I became an entrepeneur after my stint at bpost and I have launched several e-commerce companies, including a logistical company that shipped about six million packages from Chinese web shops to Europe in 2017. Our goal is to reach 15 million in 2018. I also accompany start-ups and I am a member of several boards. I love to do multiple things and guiding companies through their start-up phase is very exciting work. E-commerce is the main focus and online is also an important part of RetailDetail’s retail story.”


“Basically, the combination of a strong corporate DNA with a clear growth potential and Jorg Snoeck’s unique expertise is what enticed me. No company can function without growth and every company should be that ambitious. I can see opportunities. There is much to do and that is something to look forward to.”