"Belgian online turnover to exceed 11 billion this year"

"Belgian online turnover to exceed 11 billion this year"

The number of online purchases and the total online turnover went up for the fifth consecutive year in Belgium: the milestone of 11 billion euros is near.


10 % rise in orders

In the first nine months of 2019, all Belgian online purchases amount to 8.38 billion euros, a 6 % rise compared to the year before, the branch organisation of Belgian e-tailers BeCommerce reports in its Market Monitor. The number of online purchases went up by 10 % to 26.5 million in the third quarter, with plane tickets, concert tickets and package travel deals being the three most popular things to buy online.


"With three months to go - including the important online sales dates like Singles' Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as the traditional holiday season sales - the milestone of 11 billion in online turnover is getting very close. We have every reason to believe that this milestone will be exceeded in 2019", general manager Sofie Geeroms says in a press release.


The press release also points out that two thirds of consumers are willing to shop more sustainably, having to wait longer if that allows for a multiple product order to be delivered in one go. Other concessions many are willing to make, is picking up orders at a pick-up point or supporting greener ways of delivery - such as bike couriers or smaller electric vans.