Amazon is looking for 133,000 new employees

Emplyees in Amazon warehouse in France
Photo: Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

Amazon is recruiting 100,000 new warehouse workers, as the online retailer takes 100 additional logistics hubs into operation in the US. Jeff Bezos' company is also looking for as many as 33,000 office and technology employees.


Online job fair

For the fourth time this year, Amazon is launching a large-scale recruitment campaign. In response to the corona pandemic, the online giant previously hired 100,000 and later 75,000 additional workers in the US, while 7,000 new logistics workers were hired in the UK this month.

Last week the retailer held an online job fair, where Amazon went in search of 100,000 additional operational employees in the US and, to a lesser extent, Canada. This goes hand in hand with an expansion of the distribution network: to literally be closer to customers, another 100 new logistics hubs will open this month. These are fulfilment centres, delivery stations, sorting centres and more, the company blogs.

Possibly these are former premises of bankrupt retail chains and vacant shops in shopping centres. Amazon recently had discussions about this with Simon Property Group, the largest owner of shopping centres in the United States.


Technologists for Alexa

There are also many vacancies for support staff, says the company that claims to be the biggest job creator of the decade in the United States: Amazon is looking for as many as 33,000 white-collar and technological employees. These include technology support for services such as Alexa, cloud services AWS, payment technology and Prime Video.

According to HR director Beth Galetti, it's a great time to recruit, as Covid-19 continues to hit millions of people in the US (economically) and many people are "eager to get back to work". On Amazon, too, the coronavirus has a major impact, but mainly a positive one: last quarter, the e-commerce pioneer recorded record profits of around 5 billion euros and a 40% increase in turnover.