Amazon launches live shopping

Amazon launches live shopping

Amazon has launched a special page on its website, filled with videos of various products and brands that can be purchased immediately. The new feature is called Amazon Live.



The Amazon Live page is already filled with dozens of videos from different brands. In the live shows, products are presented and demonstrated. In a bar below the video is a carousel, with links to the products featured in the broadcast. Many of the videos that are currently on the page are less than five minutes long, although some are much longer.


This not the first time that Amazon has tried to sell products through video streaming: in 2016, the company launched "Style Code Live", in which experts and celebrities gave tips on style and beauty products. However, this project was terminated in the spring of 2017.


The new service focuses on a much larger range of products, from toys to home goods, TechCrunch reports. The positioning is also completely different: Amazon Live is open to brands that want their products to be discovered by a large audience.