Amazon buys a dozen planes and flies to Europe

Amazon Air plane
Carlos Yudica /

For the first time, Amazon has bought its own aircraft: 11 used passenger Boeings are converted into cargo aeroplanes. The e-commerce giant is also flying to Europe: in Germany, Amazon Air is now leasing two planes.


First in-house jets

Amazon confirms its aerial ambitions: Jeff Bezos' company buys eleven Boeing 767-300 jets from airlines Delta and WestJet, which, after conversion, will be used for Amazon's air transportation. The jets are already numbers 84 and 85 in Amazon Air's fleet, but it is the first time the e-commerce giant has bought an aircraft. Up until now, the company stuck to leasing.


Vice president of Amazon Global Air, Sarah Rhoads, says "the purchase is a next natural step," according to GeekWire. By having a mix of both leased and owned aircraft, the company can "better manage its growing fleet and can meet promises to customers."


Two European flights

By the end of 2022, Amazon Air wants to have a network of more than 85 cargo planes. However, it does not stop there. Since 2017, Cincinnati airport in the US alone holds over a hundred Amazon cargo planes. The e-commerce giant does not (yet) fly them: this is delegated to different operators.


In the meantime, the first Amazon planes can also be spotted in Europe: since November, two Prime Air Boeings take off daily at Leipzig Airport, Germany's second-largest cargo airport. Amazon has a brand-new 20,000 sq metre cargo hub there, where 200 members of staff can be employed.