SABMiller puts AB InBev deal on hold

SABMiller puts AB InBev deal on hold

The people at SABMiller have halted their preparations for the AB InBev merger for the time being. Several shareholders are no longer satisfied with the acquisition bid, because the value of the pound dropped a lot since then.

Increased bid

Several shareholders feel they are not being compensated enough for the devaluation of the pound after the Brexit, despite AB InBev increasing its bid with 1 pound per share


It is unclear what will happen now, but there is definitely an issue. SABMiller's board will now examine AB InBev's latest offer and it remains to be seen what they will decide.


The deal seemed to near its conclusion only several days ago, after both the European and American Bureau of Competition approved the deal.


Issues with other parties

The board is apparently afraid several shareholders will now block the merger and that is why SABMiller, for the time being, is no longer in contact with AB InBev regarding the merger's preparations.


Molson Coors and Asahi will also keep a close tab on the development, because they will acquire parts of SABMiller, but only if the AB InBev merger goes through.