Management changes for Carrefour France

Management changes for Carrefour France

Carrefour France has shuffled its board extensively, which also means Carrefour Hypermarkets' director Eric Bourgeois will leave the company.

New secretary-general

Bourgeois has decided to leave Carrefour because he wants to give his career a new impetus elsewhere. Alain Rabec, who was in charge of Carrefour Market up until now, will take his place. He will be joined by a new sales and market director for the hypermarkets, Jerome Hamrit, someone who has been with the company since 2013. He will vacate his current position to Sylvain Ferry, who had been in charge of the Parisian hypermarkets up until now.


Alain Rabec's replacement as the head of Carrefour Market will be Hervé Flambard, Carrefour Market's commercial and marketing director since 2013.


Vincent Abello, Carrefour France's former secretary-general, has been appointed Carrefour France's merchandising and supply chain director, formerly Patrice Zygband's job. Eric Sauvage will then become the company's new secretary-general on 1 June. 


Hervé Paziot will also have much more to do from now on. He joined Carrefour last year as its head of eCommerce, but will now also take control of the company's innovation, among other things.