Colruyt thanks employees with extra day off

Colruyt store

On Saturday 2 January, more than 500 Colruyt Group stores in Belgium will remain closed. The retailer grants its store employees an extra paid leave day to thank them for their efforts during the corona crisis.


Extra moment with the family

"We have decided to give our colleagues in the stores an extra paid day off. The decision to close more than 500 stores in Belgium will be taken to allow our colleagues in the stores to enjoy an extra moment with their families, to close the intense year 2020 and to start the new year full of energy," said Jef Colruyt, CEO Colruyt Group. The decision concerns branches of Colruyt, Collect&Go, OKay, OKay Compact, Bio-Planet, Cru, Dreamland, Fiets! and Dreambaby. The independent entrepreneurs of Spar Colruyt Group will open their doors that day as usual.

In the meantime, all stores and employees of the group are ready for a busy end-of-year period. The retailer does not expect major problems: "The queuing phenomenon as we experienced it in the first wave is much less common today. Our customers have changed their habits; they are more forward-thinking in their purchases. We ask our customers to continue on this path, and we make it a point to provide them - and our employees - with the safest possible environment to do their shopping," says Operations Director Marc Hofman. On the MyColruyt app, customers can find out about peak hours in their trusted Colruyt store.