Colruyt and Douwe Egberts end delisting row

Colruyt and Douwe Egberts end delisting row

Belgian supermarket chain Colruyt has found an agreement with Douwe Egberts about its price conditions, and readmits the coffee products to its shelves. A similar deal with Coca-Cola has not yet been struck.


End of conflict

A few weeks ago, Douwe Egberts products were delisted from most Colruyt and OKay shelves, due to long-lasting price negotiations between both parties. That dispute has now been resolved: Colruyt spokeswoman Hanne Poppe has told Belgian newspaper De Standaard that an agreement has been reached with the coffee producer.


Not all news is good though: the supermarket chain (and its international Agecore allies) are still in conflict with Coca-Cola. Here too, lengthy negotiations have been going on about prices and other conditions. According to Poppe, those conversations are still ongoing.


Experts believe that such conflicts will arise more often, as a result of tensions between manufacturers and retailers. The market is stagnating, retailers' margins are under great pressure due to stronger competition and the rise of e-commerce in the food sector. On the other hand, manufacturers, under the pressure of shareholders, want to create more profit through price increases.