Carrefour opens restaurant in Paris

The blurring trend continues: French supermarket giant chain Carrefour has opened its first restaurant in Paris. Officially, 'Bon Appétit!' is only a test, but if this establishment becomes a success, more will inevitably follow.


Healthier food

The first and (for now) only Bon Appétit! was opened in the heart of Paris. At 63 sqm, the place can seat 35 people. The new store concept focuses on healthy eating and a range of products from organic farming and fair trade, which can be consumed on the spot or taken home. Alexandre de Palmas, director of proximity concepts at Carrefour France, says the group wants to triple its market share in this segment – where it is currently mostly supported by its 'Bon app' line – by 2022. If the concept is a success, more restaurants will follow, although it is not yet clear how many.


With its first restaurant, Carrefour is competing with Monoprix (of the rivalling Casino group), which started opening its "Cantines" (of which there are now four) three years ago in and around Paris. Carrefour had already opened a trial store in Paris that combines fresh and convenience products with digital services and catering. The market for eating out is estimated at 56 billion euros in France, and it has been growing steadily for a number of years. Not only in France, by the way: worldwide, supermarkets that offer a place to eat are on the rise, as are food markets, some of which are located inside (luxury) department stores.