Ahold Delhaize joins both AMS and Coopernic

Ahold Delhaize joins both AMS and Coopernic

Surprisingly, merger company Ahold Delhaize will be a member of two European purchase alliances. Both AMS and Coopernic have confirmed its membership. 


Double membership

Two press releases were sent out almost instantly earlier today. AMS Sourcing, the private brands' European purchase alliance, confirmed Ahold Delhaize was a shareholder. Ahold was already a shareholder and even co-founded the alliance, prior to the merger. 

Coopernic on the other hand notified that Ahold Delhaize has now joined its purchase alliance and will contribute to its International Brands program, starting 1 September. Ever since the merger plans were announced, Delhaize decided to take a step back in the organization.


No contradiction

Observers thought Ahold Delhaize would have to choose one of the two purchase alliances, but apparently, the company has come to an agreement with all participating members. As AMS focuses on private labels and Coopernic deals with international brand manufacturers, there is no actual contradiction.

AMS unifies major European retailers like Morrisons, Dansk Supermarked, Jeronimo Martins, Kesko, Esselunga, Migros and ICA. Coopernic calls itself the leading European purchase alliance, with E.Leclerc, COOP Italia and REWE Group as its other members.