Vinted celebrates 700.000 Belgian members with Dutch expansion

Lithuanian second-hand clothing and accessory platform Vinted has reached 700,000 members in Belgium and now expands to the Netherlands as well.


International markets linked

With the milestone of 700,000 Belgian members reached, the Lithuanian platform has access to half of its target audience (the 1.4 million Belgian women between 15 and 34 years old). The marketplace now aims to expand to the Netherlands as well, Belgian newspaper Le Soir reports.


Second-hand is a hugely growing market in fashion: in France it would already cover one sixth of the total fashion market. In Belgium that would be only 5 %, meaning there still is plenty of room for growth. The Baltic company now wants to make sure they can also profit from that projected growth by also adding Dutch clothes to the market. One of the components in the company's growth, CEO Thomas Plantenga says, has been the unification of the Belgian, French, Luxembourgian and Spanish markets.


Plantenga says that the Dutch market is essential to the expansion of his company, and Vinted will therefore start an extensive television campaign in the CEO's home country.