Petit Bateau adds second-hand sales to its app

Petit Bateau adds second-hand sales to its app

French clothing brand Petit Bateau added a new service to its app, which now allows customers to sell and buy second-hand clothing. Petit Bateau will manage the ads, but everything else is handled by the consumers themselves.

No fee

The new service is another one of Petit Bateau's steps to make its clothing more sustainable. It also wants to demonstrate that it manufactures high quality clothing, 80 % made in France, which can easily take a new lease on life with another owner.


App users can handle the payment and shipment themselves, because Petit Bateau will not intervene in the entire process, just like it will not charge a fee for items sold through the app.


Founded in 1893 in Troyes, Petit Bateau has been part of the Groupe Rocher, which owns brands like Yves Rocher, Flormar and Stanhome, since 1988. The brand has 480 stores worldwide and sells 26 million pieces of clothing every year.