Inditex wants online presence in every country by 2020

Alle merken Inditex op gevel winkelcentrum
Foto: Arsenie Krasnevsky /

Spanish fashion group Inditex wants to sell all of its brands in every country in the world by 2020, even in countries where Zara's owner has no physical stores.


Every country in the world

Inditex is looking to put more emphasis on e-commerce: the parent company of chains such as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Bershka not only operates a system where online orders are drawn from store stock, it also wants to be available anywhere in the world via e-commerce. "We want to make our fashion collections available to all our customers, anywhere in the world. Even in the markets in which we do not currently have brick stores," says CEO Pablo Isla according to Reuters. This target should be achieved in the next two years.


In the meantime, the system where online orders are collected from stock in the stores is being rolled out to all 96 countries where the fashion group is physically active. In 2017, online sales already accounted for 10 % of net turnover at Inditex, an increase of 41 % compared to the previous year. For rival H&M, e-commerce accounted for almost 12 % of turnover at that time.