Gucci launches first sustainable collection

Gucci launches first sustainable collection
Image: Gucci

For the first time, Gucci has launched a fully sustainable collection: the 'Off The Grid' collection uses ecologically sustainable raw materials, production processes and a 'responsible' advertising campaign.


Circular statement

From recycled materials to a locally made advertising campaign, Gucci's first Off The Grid collection aims to make a statement: it is the luxury house's first 'fully eco responsible' collection and above all, it wants to underline the brand's commitment to circular production.


Creative director Alessandro Michele had already introduced 100 % recycled nylon and more sustainable tweaks to the production process to reduce the ecological impact and protect the environment. Now, however, there is a specific range of garments and accessories that claim to be environmentally friendly from needle to thread, including metal-free tanned leather, the 'ECOLYL' fabric made from waste and recycled polyester fibres.


To highlight the new Off The Grid collection, Michele has even directed a photo shoot himself in a park in Los Angeles. In the campaign, local celebrities from Jane Fonda to Lil Nas X can be seen building and playing in a tree house, which in turn is a symbol of our planet. The launch is also accompanied by a quiz on the collection and its production process in the Gucci app, where participants can build their own virtual tree house.