Creative director Christopher Bailey leaves Burberry

Creative director Christopher Bailey leaves Burberry

Christopher Bailey has decided to leave fashion label Burberry. He will vacate his position as director in March 2017, but he will stay on as an advisor until the end of 2018.

Responsible for turnaround

Bailey joined Burberry in 2001, back when the brand was a former glory. His new designs helped turn things around for the fashion company mostly known for its rhombus-shaped pattern.


He became part of the company’s board in 2009 and even became CEO in 2014, when he took over from Angela Ahrendts who left for Apple. He stepped down again when Marco Gobetti became CEO earlier this year, reverting back to his position as creative director. In his press release, he says it is time for new projects, according to De Tijd.


Burberry’s growth has been under pressure over the past few years, mainly because of decreased Asian demand, although that is an issue many luxury companies face. Gobetti may now decide to partially alter the company’s creative course.