WhatsApp simplifies shopping with shopping basket


WhatsApp is adding a virtual shopping basket to the app. This feature allows users to buy multiple items at once from merchants who offer products through the app.


Shopping made easier

In recent years, WhatsApp has been increasingly used for commercial purposes. At the end of last year, WhatsApp Business was made available to traders. The app enables them to contact customers quickly and efficiently, and offer the necessary support, writes iCulture. Shopping through the app was already possible, although it had its limitations: in many cases, you had to pay per product.


To make the experience simple and more user-friendly, WhatsApp is now introducing a virtual shopping basket. This will allow consumers to buy multiple products at the same time. You can browse through the entire catalogue of a retailer and add all desired products to the shopping basket. The complete order gets sent to the store as one single message. Of course, the shopping cart also makes it a lot easier to follow up orders afterwards.