Very first VR store in Copenhagen

Very first VR store in Copenhagen

Khora opened its doors as the very first virtual reality store in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Customers cannot only trial VR goggles and headsets, they can also purchase them or enjoy different virtual experiences. 

Also a place for schools

Khora sells VR goggles for a mere 13 euro, but also offers people a chance to rent them for half an hour. It includes several experiences, which means customers can choose their own approach to virtual reality. Examples are a trip to Mars, a videogame or even the option to jump into a Van Gogh painting.


"The technology can be used for anything. You can be transported into a refugee camp and be shown around by a Syrian girl, or into someone’s living room", manager Simon Lajboschitz said.


The store will also offer space to VR start-ups or freelancers. Even schools and companies can visit the store, to learn more about the potential virtual reality may have in the classroom or its industrial advantages.