Apple gives all store employees a hefty bonus

Apple is giving its store employees a one-off bonus of no less than 1,000 dollars (853 euros) next month. In this way, the iPhone maker hopes to keep current employees on board.


Tight labour market

According to Bloomberg, Apple Store employees who joined before March 2021 will receive a 1,000 dollar bonus, while those who joined more recently will receive a 500 dollar (427 euro) bonus. Online sales and AppleCare employees would also receive the bonus.


Apple rarely gives company-wide bonuses. The last time this happened was in 2018 when employees received restricted stock units for 2,500 dollars (2,133 euros). These are convertible into ordinary shares if the employee in question stays with the company for a certain period of time. However, the new bonuses will be paid out in cash, on top of wages.


Apple's decision to pay out bonuses comes at a time when companies in the United States are struggling to find enough suitable staff. It is therefore primarily an attempt to retain current employees, just before the launch of the iPhone 13 and the upcoming holiday season.