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Have you already found the gap in the market? Or is the relationship with your consumers not quite running smoothly after all? With the BrandAsset Valuator – BAV for short – you can find out everything about brands, consumers, market trends and much more. Moreover, our comprehensive report tells you how strong your brand really is in the market. Or how much work remains to be done.

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What exactly does the BAV offer? Key brand and consumer insights for local and international retailers. And answers to questions such as:

  • How strong/weak is my brand?
  • And with which audiences?
  • Where is my brand located in the PowerGrid?
  • What associations does my brand evoke?
  • And what do consumers/customers think of my brand?
  • How are my main competitors doing within the industry?
  • And much more …

This way you are at home with all brands

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What exactly is the BAV?

The BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) is a brand diagnostic tool from WPP Belgium. To date, we are the world’s longest-running and most comprehensive empirical consumer research tool with nearly 14 billion data points from as many as 50 different markets.  Using that huge database, we determine consumers’ perceived value, frequency of use and preference for more than 57,000 brands.

More info on BAV Belgium? You can find that here.

What makes the BAV unique?

Unlike other tools, you can compare all brands on a like-for-like basis. Moreover, you can mirror your brand against other brands in the market. The comparison is also always done in a consistent way, independent of location and time. The tool tests each brand on the same value & image pillars. This keeps the comparison accurate.

In addition, retailers get a clear and holistic view on cultural trends. This allows you to know where your brand is in the brand landscape and which trends in the market resonate with your consumers

Find out what the BAV can do for your brand.