These are the world's most popular FMCG brands

These are the world's most popular FMCG brands

Kantar Worldpanel has published its top 50 of most popular global brands for the fifth time. Unilever dominates the list, but Coca-Cola still easily holds onto its first place, followed by Colgate and Lifebuoy.

Unilever performs best

Market research firm Kantar Worldpanel has an gigantean task to create its annual Brand Footprint report: the study investigates 15,300 brands’ popularity across 200 categories in 43 countries and five continents, which represent 73 % of the world’s population. Consumer preference is expressed in Consumer Reach Points (CRP): it shows how often a consumer chooses a brand across a year’s time.


This leads to a top 50 of the world’s largest brands and Unilever owns thirteen of them: Lifebuoy (3), Sunsilk (10), Knorr (11), Dove (12), Lux (13), Sunlight (14), Pepsodent (18), Surf (27), Rexona (28), Vim (29), Brooke Bond (34), Close Up (42) and Lipton (48).


Not a lot of movement

The top 10 hardly changed: only Sunsilk managed to enter the top, pushing Knorr to eleventh. Only three brands in that top 10 managed to increase their CRP: Colgate, Nestlé and Sunsilk. Every other brand was stagnant or dropped their CRP.


Dettol, Vim, Brooke Bond, Sunlight, Rexona, Barilla, Pepsodent, Danone and Surf are some of the brands that jumped up a lot in the overall list.


The top 10 global brands according to Kantar Worldpanel

 Position  Brand  Manufacturer
 1  Coca-Cola  The Coca-Cola Company
 2  Colgate  Colgate-Palmolive
 3  Lifebuoy  Unilever
 4  Maggi  Nestlé
 5  Pepsi  PepsiCo
 6  Nescafé  Nestlé
 7  Lay's  PepsiCo
 8  Indomie  Indofood
 9  Nestlé  Nestlé
 10  Sunsilk  Unilever