Amazon acquired 3D body scan startup

Amazon acquired 3D body scan startup
Body Labs

Amazon acquired the Body Labs startup, which specializes in 3D body models, for about 50 to 70 million dollars (42 – 60 million euro).

Fewer returns

Body Labs’ models can be used in different ways: they can be used in games, but also open the option to try on clothing virtually. It is probably this last option that enticed Amazon to acquire the company.


Body Labs creates models based on camera images, which could lead to Amazon customers creating their own model in order to trial outfits online prior to a possible purchase. The online fashion industry suffers greatly from returns and if the stores can reduce the amount of returns through this type of virtual fitting, then it will boost their profitability.


The acquisition is yet another fashion investment for Amazon after it launched several private labels and several photo studios in New York, London and Delhi. It will open yet another studio in Tokyo in the spring of 2018, but will also present video in this particular studio, in order to show off its clothing to the customer even more.