Apple sales keep slipping

Apple once again sold fewer iPads and iPhones in the second quarter of its fiscal year, but despite that, the American technology company increased its turnover and profit results.

iPhone success results in turnover record for Apple

The continuous iPhone success has given American Apple a record turnover in its past quarter. A significant increase in smartphone sales in 2016's final quarter helped it soar.

Is Apple planning to ditch Mac?

It has been a while since Apple released a new Mac computer and that is apparently no coincidence: the computer's development is on the backburner and the separate team to develop its operating system, MacOS, has been terminated.

Apple's Airpods will just make Christmas

Apple will be able to get its Airpods ready for Christmas, but only just. The wireless headphone, presented in September, should have been available in October, but that has now been postponed to 20 December.

Apple experiences first turnover drop in 15 years

For the first time in 15 years, technology company Apple has experienced a turnover drop: compared to the year before, turnover dropped 8 % to 215.6 billion dollars (almost 200 billion euro).

Apple cuts plan to launch own car

Apple has shelved the plans for its own car: the team working on the plans had 1,000 employees, several hundred of them will now be out of a job.

Apple eliminates golden Apple Watch

When it presented its newest collection of smartwatches, Apple decided to eliminate its most expensive version, a golden watch - much to the amusement of Swiss watch manufacturers.

Apple's tablet market share increases

According to market researcher Canalys, 35 million tablets were sold in the past quarter, down 16 % compared to a year ago, but Apple did manage to increase its market share.

Weaker sales for Apple Watch

Over the past quarter, Apple only sold half of the Apple Watch devices it sold last year in the same quarter. It also lost market share.

Apple Pay soon available in web shops
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Apple is to introduce its mobile payment service Apple Pay in several web shops soon, but only for users who use Apple's browser Safari. Aside from web shops, the company will expand Apple Pay into other European countries as well.

Amazon is world's most valuable retailer

Online department store Amazonis by far the world's most valuable retail, worth nearly 99 billion dollars. That value puts Jeff Bezos' company in seventh spot of the Brandz Top 100 Edition 2016.

Apple shows new store formula

Apple opened a new store in San Francisco, the first with a new store formula co-developed by Angela Ahrendts. Previously, she was Burberry's CEO and switched to Apple about one year ago.

iPhone also available at Lidl's German web shop
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American Apple has made a remarkable move, selling its iPhone 5S on discounter Lidl's German web shop.

Smartwatch sales more than tripled

Smartwatch sales have more than tripled in the first quarter of 2016, compared to a year ago: that boils down to more than four million smartwatches in the past three months.

Tablet sales keep sliding

For the sixth straight quarter, tablet sales have dropped. In 2016's first quarter, 15 % fewer tablets were shipped compared to the year before, while market leaders Apple and Samsung even had to accept lower market shares in that shrinking market.

Samsung wins in smartphone market, Apple and Sony drop

Three electronics giants (Apple, Samsung and Sony) have published their results this week, showing that only Samsung managed to grow in the smartphone market over the past quarter.

Smartwatch sales catch up to Swiss watch sales

More than 8.1 million smartwatches were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2015, while 'only' 7.9 million watches 'made in Switzerland' were sold in the same timeframe.

Worldwide tablet sales dwindle

In 2015's last quarter, the worldwide tablets sales have dropped 13.7 %, which means that 65.9 million tablets were sold in total. For the entire year, 206.8 million tablets were sold. 

Record profit for Apple, despite stagnant iPhone sales

Over the past quarter, Apple has not managed to meet expectations, for the first time in a long time. The stagnant iPhone sales are mostly to blame, as it failed to grow as fast as expected.

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