Amazon is working on several physical store formulas
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Amazon has had a number of physical book stores for a while now and Amazon Go is its cash register-free supermarket formula, but according to insiders, it has several more store formulas prepared.

Order at Starbucks from a Ford car

Car manufacturer Ford revealed that its cars with SYNC3 voice technology can place orders at coffee chain Starbucks directly.

DHL delivers Amazon Fresh in Germany
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In Germany, DHL will become Amazon's exclusive logistics partner when it will start delivering Amazon Fresh orders at home in Berlin next month, with the remainder of Germany soon to follow.

Amazon acquires largest online platform in Middle East
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American online giant Amazon continues its worldwide expansion, this time through the acquisition of The online platform from the United Arab Emirates is the region’s largest eCommerce site.

Counterfeit thrives thanks to eCommerce's growth

There has been a huge increase in counterfeit sales because of the increased popularity of online shopping. Europol considers the copying of well-known brands to be a structural problem.

Analysis: everyone fears the innovation machine that is Amazon

Amazon’s US strategy seems to focus on physical pick-up points, but the online giant is also feverishly targeting increased European growth. How are traditional players to react?

Amazon's voice assistant in Motorola smartphones

Motorola has announced it will implement Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, in a number of its smartphones. The company also said it would add Alexa to nearly all of its devices in the future.

Amazon and Zalando fined for misleading online promotions
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Nineteen web shops, including Zalando, H&M and Amazon, were fined 2.4 million euro in France because of misleading promotions.

Roland Berger outlines retail's future based on 5 trends

Roland Berger’s consultants have highlighted five important trends for the future: digital competitors can become partners; low-cost chains are growing; the customer experience is becoming more important; big data’s potential is underestimated and robots are taking over stores.

Amazon will create 15,000 European jobs in 2017
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American online powerhouse Amazon aims to create 15,000 new jobs in Europe this year (among which 2,000 in Germany, 1,500 in France and 5,000 jobs in the United Kingdom), as the company looks to expand its logistics network and other services.

Amazon looking for store space in London
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Sources indicate Amazon is looking for store space in London, apparently to open an Amazon Go supermarket someday. This particular type of supermarket, with only 1 existing store in Seattle, has no cash registers.

Amazon organizes its own ocean freight from China to the United States
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American online giant Amazon has taken control of another part of its logistics chain: it now also handles ocean freights from China to the United States.

Amazon now also features virtual Dash buttons

Amazon has transformed its Amazon Dash into a virtual version for its website. Amazon will give customers advice, but they can also add their own versions of the button that allows them to order a particular product instantly.

Amazon enters top ten of the world's largest retailers

Every year, Deloitte creates a ranking of the 250 largest retailers worldwide and for the first time ever, Amazon enters the top 10. Consumers are looking for surprising experiences and products, the consultant claims.

Walmart buys ShoeBuy to help fight Amazon
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American retail chain Walmart has just acquired online shoe retailer ShoeBuy to help its other recent acquisition,, gain a foothold in the online struggle against competitor Amazon. ShoeBuy in itself is also a rival to Amazon's Zappos.

Amazon seduces foodies with Wickedly Prime
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Amazon emphasized its major food ambitions with a new range of private label products: Wickedly Prime particularly targets 'foodies'.

Amazon considers zeppelin as a distribution center
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American online retailer Amazon is thinking about zeppelins as a forward distribution center. These could then launch drones to supply customers.

Amazon is catching up to Zalando

German online retailers Otto and Zalando are currently the largest online fashion retailers in Western Europe, with a market share of respectively 6.2 and 6.1 %, but Amazon is inching closer and already claims 5.7 % of the market.

Monoprix creates Amazon Go parody
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In a funny parody, French Monoprix has spoofed Amazon Go's recent launch video. The French urban shopping chain uses the parody to promote its own home delivery service, which has been around for ten years.

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