Opinion: More worries about Colruyt than Ahold Delhaize
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Both Ahold Delhaize and Colruyt suffered blows on the stock exchange as it seems like investors have completely lost faith in supermarket shares. However, they are not all alike, because Ahold Delhaize seems to bounce back, unlike Colruyt.

Cash register-free Amazon supermarket still not open
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Amazon’s cash register-free supermarket, Amazon Go, still has not opened to the general public and now one of its directors will leave Amazon.

30 store owners banned from Amazon during Louis Vuitton counterfeit court case

Thirty traders are no longer allowed to operate on Amazon until their court case with fashion brand Louis Vuitton is still ongoing. The brand filed a lawsuit because those thirty traders sold counterfeit items.

Impending Amazon - Nike deal is bad news for retailers

The possible AmazonNike collaboration, which would lead to Nike selling its product range on Amazon itself, has caused turmoil among other retailers.

Ikea launches store on Amazon
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Only a week after Ikea’s announcement about third party sales, the Swedish furniture store chain reveals its own store on Amazon, filled with an extensive product range.

Insight: five conclusions following the Amazon - Whole Foods deal

It was as clear as day that Amazon would one day acquire a supermarket chain, but nevertheless, the news hit everyone like a bombshell. What are the consequences of Whole Foods's acquisition for food retailers worldwide? 

Amazon buys supermarket chain Whole Foods Market
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Amazon dealt a serious blow to Ahold Delhaize and Walmart: it acquired supermarket chain Whole Foods Market, its giant introduction to physical food retail. AD’s share was in freefall after the announcement, down 10 % after only an hour.

Amazon targets low incomes with cheaper Prime subscription

American Amazon launched a cheaper Prime subscription for those people who depend on government assistance. The first reactions vary from “scandalous” to “genious move”.

Everyone can now access Amazon Fresh PickUp locations
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Following a 2-month testing period, Seattle’s two Amazon Fresh PickUp locations are now also available to Prime subscribers. The formula is focused on speed and also puts the pressure on Walmart even more. 

Amazon turns attention to medication

Amazon is looking for someone within its ranks to figure out how it can move into the highly lucrative medicine sales industry. According to several sources, Amazon has been contemplating this move for some time.

Amazon's New York book store generates little enthusiasm

Online retailer Amazon’s first book store in New York did not only draw in positive feedback. It looks too much like a traditional book store.

Amazon and Diageo create shoppable videos
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Amazon entered a collaboration with liquor manufacturer Diageo to create several “shoppable” videos revolving around cocktails based on liquors like Captain Morgan and Smirnoff.

Last mile delivery sparks fiery battle
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In the United States, there is a fiery ongoing battle between Amazon and Walmart regarding the lowest possible shipping cost to reach the consumer. “A standardized package label is a talking point in the United States, but things are not that advanced as in Europe.”

Amazon Lockers at Aldi and Edeka
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Following its Amazon Lockers in several Shell gas stations, online department store Amazon has now installed several pick-up lockers on the parking lots of store chains Edeka and Aldi.

Amazon Fresh launches in Germany
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Amazon has launched its online supermarket Amazon Fresh in Germany, but so far it only ships to Berlin and Potsdam. However, the goal is to expand to a nationwide delivery service in the future.

Amazon enjoys huge profit increase
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Amazon’s first quarter was incredibly profitable, despite huge investments. Profit went up 40 % and turnover followed suit, with a 25 % increase.

Technology and experience take center stage at RetailDetail Congress

RetailDetail Congress 2017’s incredible international line-up did not disappoint. Particularly “retail prophet” Doug Stephens wowed the audience. Technology and experience go hand in hand in the store of the future.

Amazon considers hyperloop for same-day delivery
  • Published in m-Tail

Amazon joined forces with Hyperloop One to see whether a hyperloop, an idea by Tesla founder Elon Musk, can be used to transport goods for same-day delivery.

Amazon founder wants to sell 1 billion dollars' worth of shares every year

eCommerce giant Amazon’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, announced he will sell a billion dollars’ worth of shares every year. The money will go into his new “toy”, space agency Blue Origin.

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