A third of Dutch online purchases happens on mobile device

A third of Dutch online purchases happens on mobile device

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the Dutch consumer has used his mobile device for more than a third of his online purchases, according to ad technology company Criteo's State of Mobile Commerce report.

Target personal experience

The study looked at 1.7 billion transactions with 3,300 companies worldwide, which showed that mobile devices are a popular means to acquire items online. Only Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Australia do better than the Netherlands. Tablets and smartphones have about an equal share of online purchases, while the smartphone clearly dominates in most other countries. 


Criteo says companies should focus more on mobile apps as they generate more money than a mobile-enabled website. An app provides a more personal experience and the threshold for online purchases is much lower than with a website.


The company also points out that the majority of purchases are not done on a single device, but that multiple devices are in play. This means that a customer may view an article on a regular website and then order it through the app. To increase conversion, companies need to focus more on the customer's personal experience.

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