Fewer visitors in Belgian shopping centres

Fewer visitors in Belgian shopping centres
Foto: The W Shopping

In the second quarter of 2018, the members of the Belgian Luxembourg Council of Retail and Shopping Centers (BLSC) registered a 1.82 % drop in visitors compared to the same quarter in 2017.


Results differ

The 22 shopping centres welcomed 25,607,909 visitors in April, May and June of this year: a 1.82 % drop compared to last year and a disappointment compared to the 1.11 % gain in the first quarter. In the January - June period, 53,618,002 people visited the shopping centres: a 0.29 % drop compared to last year.


Local issues make for very different readings between the shopping centres: for example City 2, The Mint and Galerie Anspach (all in the centre of Brussels) saw a handsome increase in visitors, most likely after the successful opening of the pedestrian area in the Belgian capital


The BLSC is a group of the most important owners, investors and managers of shopping centres and retail parks in Belgium and Luxembourg, including Wijnegem Shopping (near Antwerp), Docks Bruxsel (Brussels), Médiacité (Liège) and Les Grands Prés (Mons).