Amazon prepares own sports clothing collection

Amazon prepares own sports clothing collection

Amazon is allegedly planning its own collections of sports clothing, having contacted manufacturers working for chains like Gap and Uniqlo. These are currently only producing small numbers of clothing for testing purposes.

Early stages

Sources indicate Amazon’s plans are only in its early stages. The manufacturers indicate that they only have to manufacture “small numbers that serve as a trial” with no long-term contracts signed so far. Amazon did enlist several employees with experience in this field: it hired Kirsten K. Harris in January, who has worked for Nordstrom and Nike’s “activewear”.


If Amazon decides to make a move for sports clothing, it will compete with brands like Adidas, Nike and Under Armour. It would also be Amazon’s next major step after having introduced several private clothing labels. It definitely spells bad news for the other major sports brands, as they are already struggling: both Nike and Under Armour have already sent out alerts that their results will not be that spectacular in the next few quarters.

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