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Amazon brings virtual fitting rooms into your home

Amazon brings virtual fitting rooms into your home
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Amazon has filed a patent to turn Echo Look into a virtual fitting room. Its speech-powered camera will use augmented reality to help customers virtually try on clothing.


Echo Look turns into fitting booth

A smart mirror or virtual fitting room enables you to virtually dress your reflection and Amazon’s new technology should allow shoppers to paste online clothing onto their mirror image and to look at themselves at every angle. Amazon’s smart speech assistant, Echo Look, has a built-in camera that consumers can already use to take pictures of themselves and their outfits. These can be shown to friends, other users or virtual stylists, but users can also add a new background, like a tropical beach. 


Amazon wants to expand this mixture of photo and virtual reality with augmented reality in a way that allows users to virtually adjust clothing. The filed smart mirror patent is a combination of cameras, lighting and advanced tracking software, according to Belgian newspaper De Standaard.

Just like so many other online and omnichannel retailers, Amazon has been developing virtual fitting room technology for a while. Only last October, the Seattle-based online retailer acquired Body Labs, a New York start-up focused on 3D models. 

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