Will free home delivery disappear?

Will free home delivery disappear?
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A growing number of online orders also brings additional pressure on the logistical industry. Free home delivery can no longer be maintained according to research company ECC Köln. More flexible options should be installed.


Transparency matters most

German research firm ECC Köln’s new study says that a speedy shipment and delivery process help connect customers to the brand. Remarkably, free home delivery is not a customer’s prime expectation. Customers value punctuality and the choice between several delivery options even more. 

Transparency is crucial: 90 % of online shoppers want to know when their package will arrive. Only half of consumers want express or same-day deliveries. They would much rather be able to pick a time slot (78 %) and a day (68 %) for their package delivery.


Home delivery no longer the standard

The logistical industry is facing such pressure that free home delivery will no longer be the standard in the future”, ECC Cologne believes. There are not enough delivery people and they need to drive around more, because in 40 % of deliveries, the customer is not even at home. That is why they have to schedule a second trip. 

It would make more sense to turn home delivery into a paid premium service and to present other, more flexible options as standard options. Pick-up machines, deliveries at work or in a store can alleviate pressure on the industry, because these options are not so time-sensitive.