Lidl constructs new distribution center in Venlo

Lidl constructs new distribution center in Venlo

Lidl will open a new distribution center in Venlo, which will cater its web shop’s customer base. The distribution center is not a Lidl Netherlands project, but apparently an international project.

Netherlands and Germany, possibly Belgium

Lidl recently launched a non-food web shop in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and this distribution center seems to be focused on these three countries as well. It may be built in Venlo, but Lidl Netherlands says it has nothing to do with the project and refers to the German main office.


Venlo is not a random choice, because the city is close to the German and Belgian borders. Sources indicate it would ship deliveries to the eastern part of the Netherlands and a part of Germany, so it is not clear whether it would also service Belgium. For the time being, Belgian orders are still shipped from Germany.


The new distribution center will be constructed in two phases, each encompassing a 7 hectare warehouse area. The first phase should be ready in the fall and will immediately lead to the second phase. Aside from office jobs, the distribution center should employ 300 to 400 people in its warehouse.


The company will also open a new distribution center in Roosendaal next year, focused on eCommerce. The 6 hectare warehouse will employ 1,200 people and is, just like the one in Venlo, right on the Belgian border.