First Amazon drone delivery a success

First Amazon drone delivery a success

In the United Kingdom, Amazon successfully delivered a package using a drone for the first time. In the next few months, Amazon wants to do several trial flights to dozens of customers.

No more than 2.5 kg

American Amazon announced in 2013 it had plans to use drones for deliveries, lowering its dependence on delivery services and to increase its delivery speed. It now has a small distribution center near Cambridge, which uses drones for deliveries. The very first customer received his order thirteen minutes after the order, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos boasted on Twitter.


Currently, only 1 customer gets a drone delivery, but soon dozens of customers around the distribution center should get drone deliveries as well. Amazon's goal is to get orders drone delivered within 30 minutes. However, there are a few restrictions: the load cannot surpass 2.5 kg and the weather conditions also play a role. Many areas still need to adapt their legislation, to allow for drone deliveries.


That is exactly why the first trial flight was in England, because the authorities have already indicated they were willing to look for solutions when dealing with unmanned drone deliveries.