Coolblue will deliver household appliances in the Netherlands

Coolblue will deliver household appliances in the Netherlands

Online retailer Coolblue will expand its "CoolBlueBezorgt" service, which home delivers household appliances, all across the Netherlands. Currently, it handles about one out of 10 of those orders.

Improve customer satisfaction

Coolblue's goal with this service is to increase its control over the "last mile delivery" of large packages in an attempt to increase customer satisfaction even more. "We want to improve a bit every single day, for the good of our customers. One area which we did not control, up until recently, was the last mile until a package arrived at the customer's door step. For our Dutch operations, we have changed that by taking control of the household appliance deliveries", Coolblue CEO Pieter Zwart said.


In short, every product that needs two people to carry it will be home delivered by CoolBlueBezorgt. This not only constitutes washing machines or fridges, but also large televisions.


15 delivery vans will be used to deliver all types of orders and by the end of the year that number should increase to 50. The entire service is free, even for people who live on one of a flat's higher floors. On top of that, the customer will get a 1 hour time frame in which the order will be delivered, freeing the rest of the day for other activities. About half an hour before arrival, the delivery crew will notify the customer.


Over the course of this year, Coolblue will investigate whether it can also expand the service to Belgium.