Consumer stays clear of Amazon Dash

Consumer stays clear of Amazon Dash

Amazon is adding dozens of new brands to its Amazon Dash service, a device that allows customers to order on Amazon at the click of a button. Despite its efforts, very few consumers actually use Amazon Dash.

Manufacturers afraid of missing out on next big thing

Launched in the spring of 2015, Amazon Dash was supposed to make life easier for consumers. Downside was that every item needed its very own Amazon Dash and that consumers had to order the same amount every single time.


Regardless of its issues, Amazon is a firm believer of the Amazon Dash, proven by its intention to add dozens more brands to its system. Consumers however are not as enthused: fewer than half of the people who have an Amazon Dash, have actually used it to order something - despite a 5 dollar rebate for the first order with an Amazon Dash.


In addition: those that do use it, only use it once every two months on average. Many customers do not like the fact they do not know how much they will pay for their new order. As Amazon's pricing varies a lot, that causes serious issues.


Several companies admit they only joined the Amazon Dash service to get on the American online retailer's good side and because they are afraid of missing out on possibly the next big thing.