Amazon is working on several physical store formulas

Amazon is working on several physical store formulas

Amazon has had a number of physical book stores for a while now and Amazon Go is its cash register-free supermarket formula, but according to insiders, it has several more store formulas prepared.

Augmented reality

Apparently, Amazon is working on furniture and household appliance stores, not designed as a traditional store, but more as a showroom to let customers see the products. Deliveries are then shipped to the customer’s house. The entire idea is to appeal to a certain customer base that still prefers to see an item in real life instead of just ordering it online, like with furniture.


Amazon also wants to use plenty of technology, like augmented reality, to instantly show customers how the items will fit in their home. Similar to Apple, the online giant also wants to launch its own electronics chain, focused on its own product range.


Amazon supermarket chain in India?

Its hometown, Seattle, will not only get the first Amazon Go store, but also two new store formulas, where customers will not have to leave their vehicle to pick up their online grocery orders. The company also allegedly has a supermarket chain, codenamed Project Everest, ready for India. It is a very large market and one currently dominated by regular markets on the street, paving the way for a new supermarket chain. The Indian government is also backing Amazon in its attempt to fill the Indian supermarket hole.


However, several of these projecs may never see the light of day, because Amazon employees are encouraged to create new ideas, which are then examined for their feasibility. Amazon itself is also very protective about what is currently creating, but its different formulas do indicate an intent to reach its customers in new ways, to complement its incredibly dominant online sales channel.


The company also realized consumers are not moving towards online grocery sales as quickly as anticipated, despite its long-term investments in Amazon Fresh, which is progressing relatively slowly.