Amazon wants to open more physical stores

Amazon wants to open more physical stores

Online retailer Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, indicated the company wants to open more physical stores in the future, alongside a further expansion of subscription service Prime's features. 

“Definitely open more stores"

Right now, Amazon only has one permanent physical store, a book store in its home town of Seattle, but is also preparing a new store in San Francisco. If Jeff Bezos gets his way, these will not be the only stores Amazon opens.


"We are definitely going to open additional stores, how many we don’t know yet“, he said during the annual meeting for shareholders. "In these early days it’s all about learning, rather than trying to earn a lot of revenue."


He also has lofty plans for Amazon Prime, the company's subscription service that gives its customers a number of advantages like faster and free shipping. He aims to expand on those features, to basically make it "irresponsible" for customers to not have a subscription. However, he refrained from saying how he wanted to do that. Over the past few days, news broke that Amazon is working on several private labels, possibly exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers.


Proposals regarding's Amazon stance on human rights and sustainability were also launched during the shareholders meeting, but there were all rejected.