Amazon prepares its own music service

Amazon prepares its own music service

American Amazon plans to compete with Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music soon, as the online retailer is currently preparing its own music streaming service.

Complete package

Amazon is still working out the finer details of its record label deals in order to present a competitive catalog of music, but the new streaming service should be available by the end of summer or in the fall at the latest. Consumers will have to pay 9.99 euro, which is similar to what the competition charges. 


Amazon hopes its new streaming service will help promote its Echo to a wider audience. The Amazon-developed speaker allows users to search on the internet or to order things online using voice commands. Amazon's new streaming service will also be Echo-operated.


The company currently offers a limited music service through its Prime subscription, but it realizes the service is an important part of the overall customer package it intends to create. It remains to be seen whether there is still room in a market with plenty of music streaming services with similar catalogues.