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Procter & Gamble France and Benelux gets new CEO

Procter & Gamble France and Benelux gets new CEO

Procter & Gamble appointed a new CEO for its French and Benelux activities. Starting 1 January 2018, current marketing manager Benjamin Binot will succeed Christophe Duron.

Extensive knowledge of company

Binot graduated in 2002 and spent nearly its entirely career at the American company. He previously worked at Procter & Gamble’s US main office, where he took control of razor brand Gillette’s strategic approach.


Procter & Gamble feels he is the ideal successor for Duron: he knows the company very well and is skilled when it comes to finances, sales and marketing. “I look forward to start this new chapter in markets I know well and with excellent teams I also know very well, located in Brussels, Rotterdam and Paris”, Binot said about his new appointment. 

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